The Flipside of Dominick Hide (1980) Full Movie

The Flipside of Dominick Hide
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Watch The Flipside of Dominick Hide (1980) : Full Movie Online Free Dominick Hide, a time traveller from the year 2130, is studying the London transport system of 1980. Time travellers are supposed to be observers, and are strictly forbidden to land their flying saucers. One time traveller who broke this rule accidentally killed a dog, changing history and causing many future people to disappear. Inspired by his Great Aunt Mavis, Dominick decides to find his great great grandfather. He begins to land in 1980, where his strange clothes and speech make him seem an eccentric oddball. His quest brings him into contact with beautiful boutique owner Jane, and they fall in love. As Dominick's visits become more frequent and more prolonged, he increasingly risks his indiscretion being discovered by his boss, Caleb Line, and every moment he spends in the past increases the danger that he will catastrophically change the future

Title The Flipside of Dominick Hide
Subtitle Available south-korea.png france.png Germany.png italy.png espain.png belanda.png portugal.png hungaria.png ETC.
Release Date Dec 09, 1980
Genres ,
Production Company BBC
Production Countries United Kingdom
Casts Peter Firth, Caroline Langrishe, Patrick Magee, Pippa Guard, Trevor Ray, Sylvia Coleridge, Jean Trend, Timothy Davies, Denis Lawson, Bernadette Shortt, Tony Melody
Plot Keywords time travel,
Dominick Hide
Dominick Hide
Peter Firth
Jane Winters
Jane Winters
Caroline Langrishe
Caleb Line
Caleb Line
Patrick Magee
Pippa Guard
Trevor Ray
Sylvia Coleridge
Jean Trend
Timothy Davies
Denis Lawson
Bernadette Shortt
Tony Melody
Karl Howman
Phil Davis
Mark Wingett
Michael Carter
Jenny Donnison
Nicholas McArdle
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